Did you go and vote yet?

As I’ve been saying, voter turnout is expected to be AROUND TEN PERCENT today –


Please take a moment to go and vote – I voted for Moore (yeah bring on the attacks; I can take it) and against all the Props, especially B which gives a monopoly to the unions and does pretty much the opposite of what it claims (another shock).

Lastly, if you don’t vote, I don’t want to hear any of your bellyaching about what goes on around here. I’m disgusted that our motto has gone from “E Pluribus Unum” to “Can’t Somebody ELSE do it?”

9 thoughts on “Did you go and vote yet?”

  1. Yeah, my polling place was pretty pathetic this morning.

    Everybody bitches and moans about city politics but few bother to turn out for these elections. Personally, I think they’re more important than national elections. I mean, if you can’t even get your own city clowncil member to listen to you, what makes you think your mayor or governor is going to give a shit?

    Hopefully by tonight, we’ll be kicking Tony Villar, Jack Weiss, Wendy Greuel and Measure B to the curb.

    BTW, is anyone else in Council District 5?

    I voted for newcomer David Vahedi, though I’d be just as happy with the more seasoned Paul Koretz.

  2. I never got a sample ballot. I’m about to go vote. I just had to do some cramming to figure out what my choices will be. I hope my polling place is the same as this past November.

    I’ve asked three of my neighbors in my building, and none of them received a sample ballot.

  3. CD1 here…I voted absentee. It’s easier as far as not having to go to the polls, park, etc. but it’s harder because you need to do more research. Very often details come out just before election day that might have swayed a vote, but with absentee I have to be certain before I vote…even with the late info, I’d stick with my choices.
    I do hope the turnout is better than forecasted…

  4. CD13 here. For the last 8 years — at least — I’ve made it a habit to vote first thing in the morning. Sitting at my desk at 10:30 a.M. it dawned on me I totally forgot to. I shall make amends for the FAIL by leaving work early enough and exercising my privilege before the polls close this evening.

  5. Only moved into CD13 a little over a month ago, but changing my voter registration was the first thing I did. On my way to vote now.

  6. Got to the polling place at 7:15. Inked my ballot. Asked about the turnout and was told out of 1,600 registered voters in my precinct, I was the 138th to vote.

    Not even 10 percent.

    So depressing.

  7. There was an election day? I had NO idea!! Maybe if they wanted a bigger turn out, I dunno, maybe tell people about it? There was nothing in the mail about an election, I don’t watch news (or what I like to call TMZ lite) or read (whats left) of the paper..

    Since I don’t read metblogs every day, I found out a day late.

    But my vote would not have mattered, that Villagrossah dude won by a land slide anyway..

  8. My polling place was quite pathetic too. I went around 6:30pm and the sign-in book was empty. I bet more Angelenos tuned into American Idol and voted for their favorite singer. A quick, informal poll in my office revealed that most people either didn’t vote or don’t live in L.A. (And only one fessed up to voting on AI, but said it was his wife, not him).

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