Kofie’One’s Vintage Futurism Art Exhibition Opening 2/28/09

Kofie'One Vintage Futurism Studio View
Kofie'One Vintage Futurism Studio View

A solo exhibition by Echo Park based graffiti artist Kofie’One is opening this Saturday, February 28th at 01 Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles with an all ages reception from 7-10pm. Vintage Futurism will feature recent paper, wood, and canvas works from the prolific artist.

From the 01 Gallery page:

From his early 90’s exploits in West Los Angeles graffiti, Kofie One has determined a self-made artistic education upon graffiti art that now brings an iconic structure and fluid manner to all that Kofie One sees, hears, and feels about his life and love in and for Los Angeles. His artistic movement from the walls of L.A. streets to the precision of drafting on paper, results in a fine art esthetic that embodies, wrestles, and engages, all that is of formal art and “traditional” graffiti art.

Kofie’One created a one hour “eclectic ‘out there’ jazz” soundtrack mixto compliment the show, which is available for download via dublab.

Vintage Futurism runs February 28-March 29, 2009. 01 Gallery is located at 530 South Hewitt Street #141.

Feb. 27th: locali Grand Opening

The Hollywood-base convenience store, locali, is having it’s Grand Opening tomorrow evening.  I wrote about locali last week and have heard nothing but raves from people who’ve gone over for a visit.  From the evite page:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Please join us Friday February 27th from 5pm – 8pm to celebrate the opening of Locali and the launch of our deli. We will have a ribbon cutting with The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at 5pm and samples from local food artisans as well as tastings of our organic, biodynamic, sustainable and local wines and beers afterwards. Feel free to bring along friends, family, kids, colleagues, distant acquaintances…The more the merrier!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Following locali on Twitter is sounds like there will be a lot of great food from local food artisans such as Carmela, La Guera Tamalera, The Sensitive Baker, Yummy Bites, Dee’s Vegan Bakery and others. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest you drop on by.

Artists Reception – saturday 2/28 5-7PM

pic30_lgSegil Fine Arts is a gallery is featuring the Fine Art paintings and linocut prints of Raymond Allan Harris 2/28 through 4/11.  The opening reception is this saturday evening (details at the end of the post).  Harris is a very accomplished plein air painter whos paintings are very soft and romantic in the impressionist vein.  

What really got my attention is when I scrolled down the invite and saw the linocut prints.  Briefly they are hand cut linoleum tiles that are hand inked and printed.  The cutting process can take quite a while depending on the level of detail and size of the tile.  The challenge lies in cutting these tiles is that they are reversed left to right when printed AND you cut out what you want left blank in effect creating a negative of the final print.  Not an easy task.  Harris’ prints got my attention as they are all of beachy type scenes with a Hawaiian type feel to them.  Loved them, can’t wait to see them in person.  The rest of the info after the jump. Continue reading Artists Reception – saturday 2/28 5-7PM

Can We Learn From New York?


Mayor Bloomberg has a plan. He wants to transform Broadway in Midtown Manhattan into a more pedestrian-friendly environment. Streetsblog has the full story.

If you could do the same here – transform any part of Los Angeles into a walkable, car-free zone – where would it be? Broadway? L.A. Live? The Grove?

Would you rip out an entire freeway? Close off any streets? Demolish all parking lots near Trader Joe’s and force those idiots to walk?

Pretend that nothing is off-limits. Pretend that we just gave you a map of Los Angeles and a box of crayons. Think outside of the city. Play urban planner with us, and leave your suggestions in the comments.

Photo from Streetsblog

Coop DJ-ing tonight at Stinkers Truckstop

(WARNING: Shameless self promotion to follow)


Sorry for the short notice but if you’re at STINKERS TRUCKSTOP in Silver Lake tonight, COOP will be your DJ!

Playing your favorites from the 70s and such, come on by and soak up some ROCK and a LARGE MARGE (a deliciously boozy root beer float) –

Stinkers is on Sunset in Silver Lake, 2939 W. Sunset Blvd, across from Cafe Tropical, and the fun starts around 10pm.

2009 Paley Festival-Member Tickets Update

If you are trying to get tickets, go directly to TicketWeb as the Paley Center site is not handling the influx of hits. Passes, packages, and the Swingtown event are sold out, but it looks like there are still tickets for all of the other shows as of right now.

The 26th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival is coming to the Cinerama Dome at Arclight Hollywood April 10-24, 2009. Paley Fest is an event that celebrates current, past, and even future TV shows. Attendees are treated to an episode and/or clips viewing followed by a panel discussion with cast members and the creative forces behind their favorite programs. There are opportunities for the audience to ask questions and on certain nights even get autographs and photos with willing guests of honor.

Katee Sackhoff @ PaleyFest06 by Jodi
Katee Sackhoff @ PaleyFest06 by Jodi

Ticket packages and a premium pass are already on sale. Tomorrow morning, Thursday February 26th, individual tickets go on sale to members of the Paley Center for Media at 9am PT. Popular shows do often sell out to members. Otherwise, tickets go on sale to the general public on Sunday, March 1st at 9am PT.

Critters in the street. Hit it or Swerve?

rf1 rr1Last night I get one of those calls a parent hates to get “Dad, we were in an accident”.  Two blocks from home a 4 legged critter jumps across the path of the car my oldest was riding in.  The driver swerved to miss it.  She hit a parked car.  She is lucky the car was not moving nor occupied.  Both girls are fine.  Both given cars their age and damage are totals. 

My question to you LA is simple.  Do you hit the critter or do you swerve to avoid causing an accident with another vehicle?   Continue reading Critters in the street. Hit it or Swerve?

Yuppies Try, Fail, to Save Their Vision of Eagle Rock. Tears.

Oh no!  The yuppies are losing!!
Gentrification Bingo: Oh, no! The yuppies are losing!!

From the New York Times:

WHEN Emily Cook, a screenwriter, bought a house four years ago in Eagle Rock, a neighborhood on the Northeast side of Los Angeles, she fantasized what the area might look like in a year or two, with cafes and boutiques replacing tattered old businesses. “It was like fantasy football,” said Ms. Cook, 38, who also sings in a band named Fonda.

A sad flower shop on the corner, she thought, could become a miniature Whole Foods. An upholstery store could be a gastropub where she and friends would grab a beer, and a neglected 1940s diner could become a retro spot for a quick meal.

According to the article, when Ms. Cook and similar yuppie transplants realized that they could not play Sim City with their adopted neighborhood, they were, shall we say, a wee bit disappointed.  What happens to the poor yuppies when the process of turning a neighborhood like Eagle Rock into a street like Montana Ave, Santa Monica is paralyzed?  Or, as the paper frames it, it’s a “rattling question of identity: What happens to bourgeois bohemia when the bourgeois part drops out?”

Continue reading Yuppies Try, Fail, to Save Their Vision of Eagle Rock. Tears.

Kaboom! Bruce Conner Drops the Big One on UCLA and REDCAT

crossroads_600No, the above image is not a picture of Time Warner’s servers being attacked by hackers. Rather, it’s taken from Bruce Conner’s 1976 film CROSSROADS. The UCLA Film and Television Archive, Los Angeles Film Forum and REDCAT have teamed up to present Bruce Conner’s Explosive Cinema, a two-night tribute to the late experimental filmmaker. Part 1 takes place at the Hammer’s Billy Wilder Theater on February 28, and Part 2 happens March 2 at REDCAT. And while I’d love to share more details, I apparently live at ground zero for the War on Time Warner. I’ll just quickly mention that the first night is free and that Dennis Hopper will be there. I leave you now in peace to discover more on your own. Good night and good luck.

Time Warner Cable’s Los Angeles Servers “Under Attack”

If you are in the Los Angeles area and Time Warner’s Roadrunner is your ISP, then you’re lucky to be online right now.  I know I am.  After three days of intermittent service outages and several phone calls, I was finally told by Time Warner’s Internet department tonight that the company’s Los Angeles area servers have been “under attack” for days or even weeks.  Presumably, that means by hackers.  No concrete estimate from Time Warner as to when they will have the problem under control.

If you’re a Roadrunner customer and have been experiencing these service outages, I recommend that you at least call Time Warner and request credit for lack of service.  In my experience, whether or not Time Warner says otherwise, they never grant such credits unless customers call to request them. Oh, and expect to be placed on hold for a while when you call.

Walt Disney Concert Hall–so wrong or just right?

Walt Disney Concert Hall from City Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall from City Hall

In the course of my month as a couch potato recovering from surgery, I’ve embarked on an LA culture fest. I read LA Confidential, The Age of Dreaming, and Vampyres of Hollywood by (oh yes) Adrienne Barbeau. I have worked my way through the first three seasons (and then some) of Angel, and one night, in a break from the cultural junk food I watched Sidney Pollack’s Sketches of Frank Gehry with some friends which led to a heated debate about Los Angeles’ aesthetics.

At some point during the movie, Gehry is talking about scaling down the plans for the Walt Disney Concert Hall so that it better coordinates with the Dorothy Chandler. And here’s the rub: All four of us watching agreed that, in fact, the Disney doesn’t really coordinate with the Chandler at all. I mean, we’re talking Chuck Taylor All Stars with a little black dress here. But what we couldn’t agree on is whether or not that visual clash is a good thing. Continue reading Walt Disney Concert Hall–so wrong or just right?

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

At FriendFeed many of us West Coasters smug with our proximity to In-N-Out were getting intrigued by comments from East Coasters who kept touting Five Guys Burger and Fries.  There’s not many burger chains out there that can compete with the freshness of INO burgers, so we took their banter with a grain of salt. When one FriendFeed user mentioned there was a Five Guys in Torrance, I went straight to Google to make sure. Lo and behold, after entering my zip code on the site two locations in Southern California popped up. A FriendFeed meetup was quickly hatched.

Inside Five Guys
Inside Five Guys

Last Saturday a group of us descended on Cerritos to see if Five Guys could hold a candle to In-N-Out. Now keep in mind, this is purely subjective and unscientific. To make sure, I’ll have to eat at the places back-to-back. But one thing stood out. Five Guys decor looks a lot like In-N-Out. A. Lot. But I wasn’t going to let that bother me. Why? Because Five Guys smells better than In-N-Out.

Once we got settled and more people showed up, we ordered. Now everyone had warned us that the small fries are enough for two people, so I ordered two small; on regular and one Cajun. There was no difference in taste between the two, except for the Cajun fries sometimes tasted dustier. My husband got a small cheeseburger; that’s a burger with one patty, with onions, lettuce, tomato, relish (YUCK!), mustard and ketchup. When he opened it, it looked utterly disgusting. There was like half a jar of relish on that thing. I can’t believe he ate it. I got a large cheeseburger (two patties) with grilled onions and mushrooms, lettuce, mayo and ketchup. In other words, I got the burger exactly like I usually make my burgers at home. Continue reading Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Going out of business – Furniture on the cheap

idcraftOne of my favorite furniture stores, Identitycraft is calling it quits, going tits up selling off everything.  The sale starts Saturday 2/28  I have to admit when the giant post card arrived I was a little sad to see this one leave.  Another fatality to a tanking economy? 

Not quite dirt cheap free yet, but 50-60% of their already decent prices for good quality stuff is a good start.   Their stuff was more modern and contemporary than trendy, with a lot of custom no cost options.   Now I have no idea where I’ll go next time I need to buy a new bedroom or living room (my wife gets antsy at 5 years so we are due soonish).

Details: 2/28/09 10AM-6PM Identitycraft  6929 Hayvenhurst Ave, Van Nuys, CA 818-904-6700

A quick click will get you a larger version of the postcard…pardon the scan, anyone wanna get me a new scanner?

Map of bike thefts in Silver Lake

Google Maps - Silver Lake Bike TheftsAs you might have heard there’s been an increase in bike theft, and more specifically bike part theft in and around Silver Lake recently. Some folks have created a google map that people can add to with information and details when things turn up missing. It helps paint an overall picture and tells you were to keep an eye out. If you have a bike that you lock up and leave unattended for any period of time, this is worth checking out.