Remember to come out & meet everyone at Classic Eats tonight!

Last time we did this it was, clearly, a rager!


Here’s all the info on tonight. Tiki Ti in Silver Lake(ish) at 4:30; then, Taix in Echo Park at 6:30. See you all there! Burns! will be leading a contingent over to the Derby Dolls bout (sold-out, but if you have tix…) from Tiki Ti. LA Metblogs will be everywhere tonight! Everywhere, I say! Muahahaha!

See you there!

8 thoughts on “Remember to come out & meet everyone at Classic Eats tonight!”

  1. Although I had to cut out before Taix, the Tiki Ti was big fun. Thanks to Julia for organizing it and making it all happen! Great to see everybody there, and looking forward to the next Classic Eats.

  2. It was great, and hot damn the food at Taix was good. I love meeting everyone and chatting over dinner. Good times. Thank, Julia, for making it happen!

  3. Very fun last night meeting you all. Thanks for including me.
    I look forward to Jeff’s campfire.
    Thanks again,

  4. anytime, Elise! Anytime! A fun night, very good risotto, one of the best margaritas I’ve had recently (surprising at a French restaurant). I’m hoping for Hollywood next time, but it’ll be fun wherever.

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