icme: 3 WWII fighters buzzing my ‘hood

3p51003I hear the distinct distant rumble first of the old radial engine WWII fighters as they slowly buzz my ‘hood.  Its pretty amazing to see those remnants of  “The Big One” as they go cruising slowly overhead.  This time just enjoying the vintage craft and the view below instead of off to a mission to bomb the hell out of someone, which was their original purpose.

This group likely came from Braxton Feld in near by LaVerne that houses a lot of vintage aircraft group out here in the SGV.

Pic by me with the trusty che-ez snap in all its .3 megapixel glory.  It does get bigger but not better with a quick click.

5 thoughts on “icme: 3 WWII fighters buzzing my ‘hood”

  1. Brackett Field? When I was a kid growing up in Glendora my mom used to take us over to Brackett Field to watch the planes take off, land, and fly over the general vicinity. It’s a fascination that continues to this day. When I hear those motors I always look up to see what’s flying by. Hmm…perhaps I should learn to fly.

  2. They might also have been members of the Condor Squadron, a group based at the Van Nuys Airport. They had a memorial service for one of their recently-departed members scheduled today, and I heard them pass over my place in Studio City a while ago.

    (They never bombed anyone, though – the squadron flies AT-6/SNJ “Texans”, a two-place “Advanced Trainer” built by North American Aviation.)

  3. Funny right as I read this, a group of old prop planes (didn’t see, just heard) flew over. Wonder if there’s an air show today they were all heading to?

  4. These guys could have been on their way to participate in the annual LA Air Raid fundraiser event at Fort Mac in San Pedro, which took place Saturday night.

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