The Sci Fi Flag Flies High at Skylight Books Tomorrow, Boyeeee!

robot_300That’s right — science fiction. Not “speculative fiction,” “alternate history” or whatever phrase-of-the-month publishers have chosen to convince you you’re not reading literature intended for pimply-faced geeks.

Tomorrow, Skylight Books, UC Irvine and CalArts will host a mini symposium on science fiction. And if you’re a fan of the genre and not stuck going to the godsdamned “happiest place on earth” with your family (ahem!), you’d better be there. Willfull Creatures author Aimee Bender, The Treasury of the Fantastic editor David Sandner and Venusia author Mark Von Schleggel will gather at Skylight Books at 3:00 pm to discuss “today’s avant-garde in respect to
the genre’s New Wave past.”

Photo by frankenstoen via Flickr.