Medical Marijuana Patients Breathe A Little Easier!

images2There’s been a lot of talk lately that pot may save the State of California by taxing the hell out of medical marijuana or just plain legalizing it for everyone.

Well this morning,  that idea got a little more real.  Obama’s new U.S. Attorney General,  Eric Holder is supporting the campaign promise that  President Obama made, namely that states should be allowed to make their own rules on medical marijuana – and will end raids on pot dispensaries in California.

Holder said the administration has changed its policy and the DEA will stop raids like the one the DEA held here in LA that invaded four medical marijuana dispensaries.

“What the president said during the campaign, you’ll be surprised to know, will be consistent with what we’ll be doing here in law enforcement,” he said. “What he said during the campaign is now American policy.”

Wow!!!!! Who would have ever thought that Ganja would end up as a Super Hero and save the day!!!!

3 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Patients Breathe A Little Easier!”

  1. Agreed this is great news, but don’t get complacent yet.

    Jack Weiss (running for LA City Attorney) and the current City Attorney have made it clear ON RECORD that IN THEIR OPINION State law does not allow for storefront dispensaries. They have ALREADY drafted an ordinance to shut down every single dispensary, saying that “any and all sales of marijuana are illegal, even for medical purposes.”

    Vote for NOEL Weiss for City Attorney – NOT Jack Weiss – and stop this ordinance.

    Because the City of LA can still vote to close the dispensaries, Holder or no Holder.

    SPEAK UP with your vote on Tuesday.

    And if you want to do more, attend the patient community meeting

    Saturday March 7 at 2pm
    643 S. Olive Street, Ste 820
    More info 323-334-5282

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Ruth. It’s important that we elect officials who reflect what the general population wants and in every election that medical marijuana has been an issue, the overwhelming vote is to make it legal, accessable and easy to come by.

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