Map of bike thefts in Silver Lake

Google Maps - Silver Lake Bike TheftsAs you might have heard there’s been an increase in bike theft, and more specifically bike part theft in and around Silver Lake recently. Some folks have created a google map that people can add to with information and details when things turn up missing. It helps paint an overall picture and tells you were to keep an eye out. If you have a bike that you lock up and leave unattended for any period of time, this is worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “Map of bike thefts in Silver Lake”

  1. Had I not had the good timing and fortune a few months ago to look out my front window just in time to see and chase away a couple slithering punks sneaking up the front steps to get to my bike locked up on the porch, I’d probably be adding a marker to that map south of Sunset and east of Silver Lake Boulevard. The bike stays inside now.

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