Kaboom! Bruce Conner Drops the Big One on UCLA and REDCAT

crossroads_600No, the above image is not a picture of Time Warner’s servers being attacked by hackers. Rather, it’s taken from Bruce Conner’s 1976 film CROSSROADS. The UCLA Film and Television Archive, Los Angeles Film Forum and REDCAT have teamed up to present Bruce Conner’s Explosive Cinema, a two-night tribute to the late experimental filmmaker. Part 1 takes place at the Hammer’s Billy Wilder Theater on February 28, and Part 2 happens March 2 at REDCAT. And while I’d love to share more details, I apparently live at ground zero for the War on Time Warner. I’ll just quickly mention that the first night is free and that Dennis Hopper will be there. I leave you now in peace to discover more on your own. Good night and good luck.

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  1. Is that … is that … Abe Vigoda? One of the cops/mounties looks like him. I checked imdb but didn’t see his name on the cast list. Could it be?

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