Going out of business – Furniture on the cheap

idcraftOne of my favorite furniture stores, Identitycraft is calling it quits, going tits up selling off everything.  The sale starts Saturday 2/28  I have to admit when the giant post card arrived I was a little sad to see this one leave.  Another fatality to a tanking economy? 

Not quite dirt cheap free yet, but 50-60% of their already decent prices for good quality stuff is a good start.   Their stuff was more modern and contemporary than trendy, with a lot of custom no cost options.   Now I have no idea where I’ll go next time I need to buy a new bedroom or living room (my wife gets antsy at 5 years so we are due soonish).

Details: 2/28/09 10AM-6PM Identitycraft  6929 Hayvenhurst Ave, Van Nuys, CA 818-904-6700

A quick click will get you a larger version of the postcard…pardon the scan, anyone wanna get me a new scanner?

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  1. DWR carries great stuff, but the price point is at a totally different level. Their designs are only within reach if you have a really fat wallet.

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