My God, it’s full of stars! (No, not a post post-Oscars post.)

1984_2010Every year, the hoopla surrounding a certain awards show makes me want to dismiss the entire medium of filmmaking as an art form. But just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

Who’s they? Why, the unsung heroes of the film industry in Los Angeles. Of course I’m talking about the revival movie theater houses. Institutions which, I’d speculate, need your hard-earned cash more than ever.

You know their names. The New Beverly. The UCLA Film & Television Archive. The American Cinematheque. The Silent Movie Theater. And that’s just scratching the surface. Between the American Film Institute, LACMA, the Getty, and the Japanese American National Museum (Oh God, I know I’m leaving some of you out. I truly never expected to be writing this post!) there are dozens of places in this city to see classic, forgotten, cult and foreign films on the big screen.

Which brings me to the Cinematheque’s double feature of 1984 and 2010 this Wednesday at the Aero Theatre. Both films are celebrating their 25th anniversary and present intriguing visions of the future. Or, in the case of 1984, present a look back at a vision of the future which still seems like it could become our future. And think about this: If a giant monolith begins orbiting Jupiter AND the Soviet Union makes a comeback, then 2010 could also could become our future. That’s what hard-core science fiction is all about!

And since we’re on the topic … did you catch last night’s winner for most inappropriate soundtrack?

Image: Stills from 2010 (left) and 1984.

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  1. At about the one minute mark I started to worry that I was about to be RickRolled. It turned out better than I would’ve hoped.

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