ICME: Mutt Mitt

My wonderful neighbors took us and the dog on a beau-tiful hike in the Santa Monica mountains up near Mandeville and Westridge. Best part: the trail was super dog friendly; almost everyone, in trusty REI gear, was with dog.  There was an only-in-LA view of downtown, Century City, and the ocean, but this is what caught my eye:

It’s a poop bag!  It’s a glove!  It’s a poop bag!  It’s a fashion statement!  Actually, I saw one of these tony stations in a nice pet-friendly loft building downtown once, but never in a public park or on a trail.  For those dog owners who can’t handle the complications of the upturned plastic bag, this double ply sock of plastic is great.  But, just like double ply toilet paper, this euphemism for a poop bag can only do so much to help you forget what it is you’re really doing.  Still, it’s nice to have a trail that actually stocks poop bags – now, if everyone could just use them …

5 thoughts on “ICME: Mutt Mitt”

  1. Nice shot! Several local parks do have poop bag dispensers, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them ON a trail, just near a trail head, parking lot, etc. I know Franklin Canyon has them and I believe Fryman does as well. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Runyan, where I know people not cleaning up is a huge problem. The Chandler Bikeway in Burbank/North Hollywood has bags in a few locations along nearly 3-mile path.

    And yeah, if only everyone would use them.

  2. I’m seeing them all over my area at both city and county parks. I think its a great idea that was long over due. Its great that people can actually take their dogs out and have designated areas to do their business and clean up afterwards. Definitely a lot less pooh around which is nice. Much easier to to this than try to steer toddlers around mutley’s landmines.

  3. Here in West Las Vegas, the city has installed the puppy waste machines every few blocks on major streets (Summerlin is a well-maintained, largely residential area) but the problem, as Queequeg correctly points out, is getting people to use them. More than once I have had to navigate my way around a pile of dog pilings just a few yards from one of the machines.

  4. I enjoy taking my sister’s retriever on those beautiful Mandeville and Westridge hikes, but I don’t think I’ve used the Mutt Mitt. I guess I got used to the upturned plastic bags.

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