Return Of The Know-It-Brawlers

booze_cluesBooze Clues is returning to Cuba Libre in Los Feliz on Tuesday, February 24th. Last month the LA MetBlogs team, the Know-It-Brawlers, had a great time along with a MetBlogs reader lead team, The Fisting Trojans. This time around I expect to have even more fun (now that we know the drill.)

So, we’re getting the band back together. Brian, Verdell, John, Charley, Heather (and all of the Fisting Trojans)…I’m looking at you. Are you ready? We’re recruiting new blood (and fresh brain cells,) too. Whether you weren’t able to make it last month or this is the first you’re hearing of it, we want you on the team.

Don’t miss the fun! Leave me a note in the comments section and I’ll reserve enough tables for all. There may be prizes (if we win.) And don’t forget that when the game ends at about 10:00pm,  Marty & Elayne will be playing right across the street at the Dresden Room.

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