Explosion in Downtown LA

It was reported an hour ago by LAFD, but here’s an update. If you’re not following LAFD’s Twitter feed, why the heck not?!

LAFD *UPDATE: 125 W. 4th St.* Confirmed vault explosion, w/ significant power disruption in area. 4 bldg’s have been evac’d. No inj’s rpt’d.

*UPDATE: 125 W. 4th St.* Spring Str. shut down frm 3rd to 5th Str. All traffic diverted between Broadway & Main also frm 3rd to 5th Str.

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2 thoughts on “Explosion in Downtown LA”

  1. i’m across the street. they were filming something out there today.
    it’s pretty weird to see an entire set with no one manning any equipment.

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