Pelvic thrust in Claremont: Rocky Horror Picture Show special VDayshowing.

Yes Magenta, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still around.  See it while you can before those a-holes at MTV “remake” it.  The ultimate straight, bi, gay, trannSEXual, space alien love and lust quadrangle is playing on Valentines Day in Claremont.  

Laemmle 5 in Claremont is holding a special showing on Valentines Day at midnight.  Just for VDay the “Creatures of the Night” will have a new pre-show they promise will delight and titillate. 

The show will cost $10 to get in and can be purchased in advance.  NO PROPS.  They will also hold to the No One under 17 admitted unless with a parent as it is Rated R.

Now if you can’t make the show because your significant other would just roll their eyes at the thought of attending (like mine) you have some make up dates.  It will be playing again on February 28th and again on March 14th.  (Hint…remember if you are super nice to your significant other on 2/14 and don’t press the issue, with luck you can roll it into your “Steak and BJ Day” activites on March 14th).

DEETS:  Laemmle’s Claremont 5, 450 W 2nd St, Claremont, CA 91711 909-621-5500. MAP.Now that you made the jump I can tell you I am just giggling away here in my corner lmao knowing I worked Steak and BJ Day in to a post that was LA area relevant!

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  1. No props? I’m sorry, but I’ve seen Rocky Horror at the 8th Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village, and it’s sacreligious to see this at a theater without costumed moviegoers acting out the lines in front of the screen, and props! But even more sacreligious would be an MTV remake. Who’s going to be in that? Britney? Lil’ Wayne in the hip hop version? The girls from The Hills? I cringe.

  2. I know Matt, I was all set to pack up the squirt gun, newspaper, a loaf of toast and a bunch of wienies. If you look at the pics it appears costumes are ok, just not the props because of the garbage and clean up factor.

  3. I’ve been a long-time RSS lurker here, but I don’t really comment.

    However, I can’t let this on pass without notice because I run the Creatures of the Night cast, and I want to say thanks to frazgo for the mention. Rocky’s always about word of mouth so it’s fantastic to see a post about the show on something I read every day, without one of us putting it there. Thanks!

    As you say above, we perform the Rocky Horror Picture Show twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. We always love seeing new people at the show, and we see no need to intimidate the virgins among us. It only takes a minute to take care of that *anyway*, as numerous seventeen year olds in this world have learned.

    Thanks also for stressing the details about props and age verification… we think the props thing is too bad as well, but more and more theaters just don’t want to deal with the cleanup issues, especially with food items that cleaning staff doesn’t usually have to deal with like rice and toast. We like props but we like keeping our theater and staff happy too, so we try to balance the one with the other.

    Costumes are absolutely welcomed! We’ll have the stage cast doing their thing of course but it’s great to see audience dress up too. It’s not as universal for people dress in costumes as it used to be but plenty of people still do.

    We’d love to see some people from metblogs at the show, and although we can’t guarantee Steak-and-BJ related results we will be doing our best to help with that one. It is too worthy a cause not to!

  4. silentthomas, am a huge fan of the movie and when I spotted it on facebook I HAD TO POST it. Glad you liked it. Have a great performance!

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