Has Your Mailbox Gone Missing?

Not the one at your house, but the one in your neighborhood, down on the corner. The one that looks like the picture here. 

We used to have two within six blocks of our house and both are gone. Vanished in the night. I saw our mailman yesterday and asked where the box went and he did a double take at the empty spot where the box used to be. (Seriously, he did a double take) and said “Yeah, I guess it’s gone.” (Thanks.) He then said, “I’ll collect your mail from now on.” 

Well that’s a problem for me as I stopped putting my mail on outside our door about ten years ago when it was stolen, checks were washed and I *almost* had $4000 taken. Luckily for me I caught it within a day and the bank made it right. 

I’m not quite ranting as there is a post office nearby, but it’s kinda sad. Are you mailboxes disappearing? How do you feel about that?

(Clarification after I hit “post” — the post office took them away, they were not stolen.)

13 thoughts on “Has Your Mailbox Gone Missing?”

  1. Wow…lack of use? Personally I use the ones next to the post office only as they have cams on them 24/7 and its easy drive through. I won’t leave them in my mail box at home for the same reason as Julia, checks swiped and attempted acid washing. Bad news.

  2. Just before I moved out of South Pasadena last week I went to drop an envelope in the box on the corner. There was a notice taped to it that the box would be removed as of (I think) the end of last week. I suppose it could be a cost-cutting measure, but how much is actually saved? The boxes were already there, and the mail carrier will still be passing by to deliver the mail. Where is the savings?

  3. Let’s see. Stamp prices are going up two cents in May, the postal dept. floated the idea of dropping a midweek day from delivery, disappearing mail boxes, service hours cut back at post offices– are the internets killing US Mail?

  4. They really should replace them with a two-dimensional ’email box’. You know, to complement the ‘cell phone booth’ like the one at the end of Silver Lake Boulevard.

  5. Burns! I have noticed that a different person would collect the mail from the box, not our regular mailman. Don’t know why the mailman couldn’t do both things…

    Stamp prices going up again? Wow. I’m working my ass off to keep the mail going, I’m old fashioned in that way. And cutting one day — hmmm, didn’t the post office, way back, deliver mail twice a day? Sad.

  6. The closest one to me is still there (as of yesterday)–but I wish there were more of them. I stopped doing the “leave my outgoing mail outside my apartment” thing several years ago. Too dangerous.

  7. My mailman said that the Mailboxs had basically turned into trashcans for people. From soda cans to diapers to condoms,you name it, he said it was in there. NO ONE wanted the job of picking up the mail from these mail bins. I cant blame them, now that I know. EW.

  8. We used to have one across the street from us, and that disappeared two years ago (was removed), and so we had to walk a few blocks to the next nearest one, and then a few months later, that one was gone too, so we have to go even further now for the next closest one (or leave our mail out). Although now I’m more leaning towards dropping it off at the post office with so many people remarking about mail theft here :/

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