There Is Such A Thing As Free Soup!

Most of us know about the “not-so-secret” secret menu at In-N-Out. But, did you know that Poquito Mas also has a secret item that is not well publicized? The catch is that you can only take advantage of it when we’re having the wet weather we’re currently enduring here in L.A.

When it’s raining and with any $5 purchase, you can get a free bowl of their tortilla soup. They even ring it up as “Rainy Day Soup.” It’s a tomato broth chock full of veggies with chips and cheese on top. In other words, perfect for a cold damp day. You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “There Is Such A Thing As Free Soup!”

  1. The link made me laugh, I never had heard of the “secret menu”, but then again I’m not much of a fan of them. Then again I’m an original Fat Burger kinda guy (not the franchised stores but the original down in dirties on the other side of the hill). Or an original Tommy’s Burger. Those old stores have the wonderfully seasoned and aged griddles that make the burger sign.

    Want to start a flame war…declare one burger the best and watch the debate. Almost as good as who makes the best pizza.

    Nice post. It made me laugh.

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