Silver Lake Assaults “Special” meeting

There’s been a lot of questions and not many answers so far in regards to what may or may not be a string of assaults in the Silver Lake area. Earlier this week Chal posted an email circulating about the issue which caused quite a ruckus in the comments. This morning, some further info was posted in that thread as well about a joint meeting between CD4, Tom LaBonge, the LAPD and YOU! (should you choose to attend). Now, my guess here is that if there *weren’t* a string of assaults happening these folks would simply say “what?? um, no.” to the questions. But, if something weird is up, that kinda justifies talking publicly about it. So, if you want to check it out, here’s the scoop:

Los Angeles Police Department
Office of the Fourth Council District
Office of the Thirteenth Council District
Invite you to a Special Silver Lake Community Meeting

Thursday, February 5, 2009
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Ivanhoe Elementary School
2828 Herkimer Street
Los Angeles, CA 90039

All neighborhood residents are invited to discuss recent crime activity in the Silver Lake community.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Councilman Tom LaBonge at (213) 485-3337.

11 thoughts on “Silver Lake Assaults “Special” meeting”

  1. Huge round of applause to Chal for beating the established mass media to reporting the problem first. It would be worth showing up to find out what the PD’s take on it is and get community input on how to protect themselves and of course find the creeps.

  2. man this story is everywhere.
    curbedla, face book etc…
    A 19 yr old kid stabbed at 3;30 in the afternoon it’s crazy
    my partner walks home from work, not tonight i told him.
    my post from curbed.
    Here is what was done years ago in weho when bashing’s were up years ago.
    I think they were named “pink patrol’ basically uniformed in pink tees, identifing logos, whistles, name tags of some sort in groups walking the streets patrolling and having fun at the same time. So time to pull out those silver lake army t-shirts you bought at sunset junction when it was fun years ago and walk with your friends keeping an eye out for trouble.
    Mostly a visibility tactic but it worked.

    Nothing like a good ole vigilante party, kidding.
    nice if someone could organize something like this.

  3. i heard on the news this morning the police are saying it is not bashing but plain ol assaults. It should be interesting at the meeting tomorrow evening if that is brought up. Let us non residents of the area know.

  4. I was not implying thsee were bashing’s in the gay bash sense but getting your face slammed into the street is bashing ones face whoever it is.
    Assault/bash people are getting beat downs, stabbed and next is a death.
    Just the right angle of someone going down hitting head against object wham your paralyzed or worse.
    My point is lets use this same community patrol tactic till this stops.

  5. oh no i agree, a bashing is a bashing when you are the one being bashed. I dont condone bashing of any kind. It breaks ones spirit a little.

  6. lezgull this really is a terrible situation and my other half likes to walk home from work every night I told him no way but he is defiant little bugger.
    ahh he conceded I feel so much better the thought of something happening to him is making me tear up.

  7. I understand how you feel blvdjohnny and that makes me sad inside. fear is a shitty emotion

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