Free Denny’s breakfast or help support Jack?

Man, I’m torn. On one hand, Denny’s is giving away free breakfast this morning from 6am to 2pm to help prove you can have a tasty, healthy meal while discussing a mob hit in relative peace. For your nearest location, click here. (It’s been rumored that Sam Zell and Eddy Hartenstein like to discuss killing off the Times while eating aMoons Over My Hammy).

And then there’s Jack Box, who was hit by an MTA bus in downtown LA on Sunday morning. Now recovering in a hospital, he’s asking in lieu of flowers for supporters to just buy something off the menu. Of course, some skeptics believe the whole thing was staged, an exploitive attempt for sympathy.

Gosh dangit, fellow Angelenos… where should I have breakfast?

11 thoughts on “Free Denny’s breakfast or help support Jack?”

  1. I think the whole who whacked Jack is stooopid, not even stupid funny, just stooopid.

    I thought about the Denny’s thing for a few moments. The trusty Grand Slam was always on special after mid-night when I was in college and a group of us would go and do our all nighters there while pounding down the not so tasty but really over caffeinated coffee. Then I thought about the lines and decided to stick to my usual grapefruit and a piece of toast. Probably a bit healthier.

  2. The line wasn’t bad. We only waited 20 very fast minutes in a daunting looking line and the turnover inside the place was incredible. I was impressed by how they handled the whole thing.

  3. I want to belive that part about the Denny’s Grand Slam being a “healthy” meal was meant with sarcasm, but sadly I think you meant it for real. There’s seriously nothing on that plate that’s in the least bit healthy… might be free but y’all are gonna pay for eating it later!

  4. The only thing I was serious about was being able to make a mob hit in relative peace, but seeing how long the lines are outside of Dennys today don’t think that’s possible. At all.

  5. Perhaps David meant “healthy”, as in “a copious amount of food”. Cuz you’re right, there’s nothing remotely good for you on that plate.

  6. Interesting that ‘Crap In A Box’ used a Metro Bus in their commercial, rather than a Foothill Transit bus. Foothill Transit and Jack’s regional corporate office share the same building in West Covina.

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