Furtographs Closing Reception at Sugar Hair Salon

Right before I got my dog, there were two things I vowed I’d never do: (1) unless out of pure necessity, dress her up; and (2) get a professional pet photographer to take photos of her as if she graduated college or something (and even then, no one in my family bought any of my graduation photos).  I’ve steadfastly stuck to the first vow; I’m dangerously close to breaking the second.

This potential affair is all because of Sugar Hair Salon.  It’s a hair salon and, with an eye towards its potential role in gentrifying Echo Park, plays host to a surprisingly tasteful, community-oriented rotating gallery of art.  This means  a visit to get a haircut – or, in my case, a de-mulleting – also is a visit to a mini-art show.  The last time I went in for my chop, Sugar was exhibiting gorgeous photographs of … dogs.  Specifically, canine profiles captured by pet portraiture studio Furtographs, with the piece de la resistance being a “40 Year Old Virgin”-like Chihuahua wearing a striped sweater, hung on the salon’s largest wall.

Ordinarily, I roll my eyes way, way back at people who get their dogs professionally photographed, but these?  These are adorable and, honestly, beautiful.  The closing reception for the show is this Saturday, February 7, 7pm-11pm, at Sugar (3022 Sunset Blvd.).  Food from Pho Cafe and booze will be provided.  For the first time in a long time, I’m going to a reception for more than the free drinks and without feeling compelled to say random, pretentious things like, “Yeah, that one is, like, post-modern but without the confines of modernism, you know?”  Because, really, I don’t know.  Dogs are so much easier to work with.

4 thoughts on “Furtographs Closing Reception at Sugar Hair Salon”

  1. Just one bone to pick: Sugar’s address puts it well within Silver Lake, not Echo Park. Sorry, but as a long time Los Angeles resident, neighborhood geo-creep drives me nuts.

  2. As a former resident of Los Feliz, I appreciate your comment, rollerzz, and still get pissed off when people refer to Los Feliz as Silverlake.

    Clearly, as you said, Sugar is squarely in Silver Lake, but I didn’t actually say that Sugar was located in that ‘hood- just that it will have a domino-effect-type role in gentrifying all things east. Located between Sunset Junction and the getting-to-be-yuppiefied Sunset strip of Echo Park, I think Sugar fully recognizes that, as a business bringing in the type of clientele that it does, it plays a huge part in moving the gentrification process eastward towards Echo Park. With an eye towards that role, it compensates (or tries to) by having its art shows, organizing fundraisers, etc. That’s all.

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