icme:long standing embarrassment

The candy display is taped off.  The soda cooler is taped off.  This HUGE Health Department sign has been hanging at the Office Depot in Monrovia for 2 1/2 months now.  Don’t you think someone in that time would have fixed the situation?  

Pic by me with my trusty phone cam.  It does get bigger with a click.

5 thoughts on “icme:long standing embarrassment”

  1. Could be something tough to fix, like not having appropriate bathrooms (requiring construction)

  2. Weird. According to this site, that location has been closed since November.


    (click on the “O” to see the Office Depot listing.)

    Maybe they’re just taping off the section with food in it which perhaps they need a permit for? There’s always the chance that Office Depot is still open even though the Dept of Health sez they shouldn’t be, but wouldn’t they also just take down the sign?

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