Remember to come out & meet everyone at Classic Eats tonight!

Last time we did this it was, clearly, a rager!


Here’s all the info on tonight. Tiki Ti in Silver Lake(ish) at 4:30; then, Taix in Echo Park at 6:30. See you all there! Burns! will be leading a contingent over to the Derby Dolls bout (sold-out, but if you have tix…) from Tiki Ti. LA Metblogs will be everywhere tonight! Everywhere, I say! Muahahaha!

See you there!

icme: 3 WWII fighters buzzing my ‘hood

3p51003I hear the distinct distant rumble first of the old radial engine WWII fighters as they slowly buzz my ‘hood.  Its pretty amazing to see those remnants of  “The Big One” as they go cruising slowly overhead.  This time just enjoying the vintage craft and the view below instead of off to a mission to bomb the hell out of someone, which was their original purpose.

This group likely came from Braxton Feld in near by LaVerne that houses a lot of vintage aircraft group out here in the SGV.

Pic by me with the trusty che-ez snap in all its .3 megapixel glory.  It does get bigger but not better with a quick click.

The Slow Death Of The Mall

desertedmall1I have been spending a great deal of time in Downtown Los Angeles this past month.  I’m not terribly familiar with the area so I have considered it an opportunity to explore.  It has been a wonderful journey into the past.  I’ve come across beautiful 1920’s buildings lovingly preserved and some that could use a bit of restoration.   I’ve discovered places I want to visit and bars I plan to drink in at some point.

Earlier this week I had a couple of hours to kill before a meeting.  On that particular afternoon, I found myself drawn to the well-shaped 7 + Figueroa shopping center.  I’d been there once years ago to attend the red carpet opening of the Gold’s Gym on the bottom floor.   It was nothing like the bustling place I recalled.

There were many vacant stores.  The one major department store, Macy’s, was eerily devoid of merchandise as they liquidated for a closure.  The food court was a ghost town.   In fact, the only things that seemed to be surviving were the Morton’s Steakhouse and the Gold’s Gym.

Continue reading The Slow Death Of The Mall

Vignette – A Los Angeles Film Festival

vignetteTaking place this Sunday March 1st at the King King Hollywood is the bi-annual Vignette Los Angeles Film Festival.  This cozy little event showcases the work of local independent filmmakers producing short experimental movies, narratives,  animation and documentaries along with live musical performances in the unique little cabaret styled club on Hollywood Blvd.

Advanced tickets are $8 or you can purchase them at the door for $10.  Doors open at 6pm.  For more information about the films being screened you can click here.

Weekend homework: Match L.A.’s most delinquent taxpayers to campaign contributions

Last September, I gave away the open secrets of how L.A. Times’ David Zahniser is able to break stories about potential political corruption. It mainly came down to occasionally peeking at online filing statements made available, for free, at the City of L.A.’s Ethics Commision website.

Earlier today, City Controller candidate Wendy Greuel released a list of L.A.’s biggest deadbeat taxpayers – 16 businesses each owing somewhere between $112,000 and $3,067,000 to the city’s coffers. (via LAist)

Now, if you want to get some of the peanut butter in that chocolate (or vice versa, I love Reeses), what’ll you get?

That’s for you to find out.

Pull up the Office of Finance’s Top Debtors List (.pdf) in one window, and in another enter some of those business names into the City of L.A.’s Campaign Contributions seach page (be sure to try the “business name” and “employer” field’s seperately). I can’t promise anything interesting will come up, because it all depends on your definition of the word interesting.

If you find anything worth noting, please leave it in the comments. Might make you feel like Woodward and Bernstein. Or at least a little like Zahniser.

LA Law Help: The Self-Realized Entrepreneur

Edison's bright idea. Think he got pro bono help on patenting this?

I know what you’re thinking.  I was thinking it too, when someone asked me to have a post on this topic.  “Who in their right mind wants to start a business now?  Who has the money to start a business now?  With the credit crisis, who can even get a loan to start a business?” Well, there are some people (i.e., here and here) who say that the recession is ripe for starting a business, especially if you just got laid off, have some time to rethink whether or not you actually really did like stressing out about meeting an 8 hour minimum billable day (no, I’m not projecting) (yes, I am), and have some usable savings squirreled away.  If you’ve got balls to take that leap, then this guide is for you.  It’s also for you if you had the balls, leapt, and need some guidance as to where to land.

Similar to the organizations available to assist the newly unemployed (see my previous guide here), there are a handful of legal clinics that can help you and your business.  Getting advice early to get things right the first time will save you loads of money down the road — I’ve only been lawyering for a year and a half now, but I’ve already worked on too many businesses that fell apart because their incorporating documents were poorly and ambiguously written, and now must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to fix their mistakes.  Operating small businesses that can’t afford their own counsel also can benefit from these orgs if they need counsel with a thing or two.  The list, after the jump. Continue reading LA Law Help: The Self-Realized Entrepreneur

Classic Eats #3 Tomorrow Night

classiceats5A few quick updates for tomorrow night’s Classic Eats.

The Recap:
Tiki Ti at 4:30pm  (Map to Tiki Ti)
Taix at 6:30pm
Map from Tiki Ti to Taix

Tiki Ti takes cash only. There is street parking on Sunset and the Tiki Ti website kindly informed me that parking on Sunset is no longer free after 6pm. So while the parking meters say “until 6pm” the street signs now say “until 8pm” so make sure you are covered for the whole Tiki Ti visit.

There is a reservation for eight people at Taix at 6:30 under my name (Julia Frey). If there are many more or many fewer, we can just hang in the bar where we can also get food. 

Looking forward to all your smiling faces!

The Sci Fi Flag Flies High at Skylight Books Tomorrow, Boyeeee!

robot_300That’s right — science fiction. Not “speculative fiction,” “alternate history” or whatever phrase-of-the-month publishers have chosen to convince you you’re not reading literature intended for pimply-faced geeks.

Tomorrow, Skylight Books, UC Irvine and CalArts will host a mini symposium on science fiction. And if you’re a fan of the genre and not stuck going to the godsdamned “happiest place on earth” with your family (ahem!), you’d better be there. Willfull Creatures author Aimee Bender, The Treasury of the Fantastic editor David Sandner and Venusia author Mark Von Schleggel will gather at Skylight Books at 3:00 pm to discuss “today’s avant-garde in respect to
the genre’s New Wave past.”

Photo by frankenstoen via Flickr.

How about Walter Moore for Mayor?

Yes there’s been a lot of talk here about Walter Moore, but let me tell you something –

I went to his website, read what he had to say, and got his email address. I sent him an email.

Within an hour he answered me, and Hold Onto Your Hats, he answered my questions.

We exchanged several emails, and he was direct in answering all my questions. No shit. Many emails.

A decent honest exchange between two people. Of course it could all go to hell with him too once he’s elected, but hey AT LEAST HE’S NOT TONY V.

Remember, as few as 500 votes – in a city of MILLIONS – will win this election.

I’m doing your research for you! Don’t sit around and bitch about it – CHANGE IT.

Medical Marijuana Patients Breathe A Little Easier!

images2There’s been a lot of talk lately that pot may save the State of California by taxing the hell out of medical marijuana or just plain legalizing it for everyone.

Well this morning,  that idea got a little more real.  Obama’s new U.S. Attorney General,  Eric Holder is supporting the campaign promise that  President Obama made, namely that states should be allowed to make their own rules on medical marijuana – and will end raids on pot dispensaries in California.

Holder said the administration has changed its policy and the DEA will stop raids like the one the DEA held here in LA that invaded four medical marijuana dispensaries.

“What the president said during the campaign, you’ll be surprised to know, will be consistent with what we’ll be doing here in law enforcement,” he said. “What he said during the campaign is now American policy.”

Wow!!!!! Who would have ever thought that Ganja would end up as a Super Hero and save the day!!!!

Los Angeles goes boom

LAvsNukeAngelenos, take some pride in knowing that we can survive just about any disaster.

Riots? Earthquakes? Wildfires? Mudslides? Ryan Seacrest?

Pfft. We got it covered.

And not surprisingly, according to a new Google mash-up called Ground Zero, it looks like no matter where you’d drop a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles, most of the rest of the County would survive. That’s the nice thing about urban sprawl.

To see for yourself, click here, enter an address, then choose your bomb of choice, from Fatman to Little Boy to a more modern Chinese built warhead, and click “Nuke It!” You’ll see who dies first, and who may get off with just a little necrosis (I don’t know what that means either, but I’m betting it’s nasty).

You can even see the impact of an asteroid collision, which actually might finally do us in. On the bright side, it would take Seacrest with us.

Faced with a more affordable lifestyle, Beverly Hills couple flees to Oregon

CNN has the story of a couple from Beverly Hills who moved to Oregon to work on a family farm and live out of a trailer after the husband lost his $100,000 per year job managing life insurance portfolios. Seems like a cute, Green Acres-ish tale of a couple who merely decided to be practical. But no:

With meager savings, Bird and Wright knew they couldn’t maintain their costly Los Angeles lifestyle in an area where, they say, image is everything. Even if they had stayed in Beverly Hills, they would have needed to move into a smaller apartment and rely on Bird’s modest salary as a financial manager.

Call me crazy, but isn’t this the real problem? People living outside of their means, thinking that image is everything, leasing overpriced cars and renting subpar apartments just so they can boast about the zipcode?

Heck, if I had a $100,000 salary for a couple years I could live decently on much lower salary for a number of years… assuming I stayed with an affordable used car, and lived in any number of neighborhoods outside of Beverly Hills.

Then again, maybe the fact that I’m not concerned about image is why I’ve never had a $100,000 a year job. What would Ayn Rand do?