Found on Road Alive : MG MGB GT named “freckles”

I spotted this well used 1966 MG MGB GT in Arcadia this morning.  The Union 76 service station at Foothill moved it around so I could get my wife’s car smogged.  Wow…what a surprise to see that lovely old relic of the British auto industry be pulled out.  To learn more about “freckles” you will need to make the jump.

I got the information on the car from the mechanic who said they had the car in for some routine maintenance.  “Freckles” is one of 5 MG’s that belong to a Judge over at LA Superior Court in Pomona.  This is one of the ones not fully restored and on the cruise and show circuit.  Each of his car’s is named by his wife (whom I’ve crossed paths with as she is active in many Monrovia organizations).  “Freckles” got its name because of the many colors of paint showing through its well worn and used body.

The MG MGB GT was a Pininfarina designed 2+2 that borrowed its running gear from the more commonly seen MGB Roadsters.  The GT was introduced in 1965 and had a run of 15 years.  Over 125,000 units were built until the cessation of production in 1980.  Sadly for us in the US it was only imported until 1974.  It never was a volume seller in this country and the cost to have it meet our ever strengthening Emissions and Safety requirements killed it off for us.

The solid roof and sloping rear glass gave improved aerodynamics that lead to a 5MPH in top speed.
Pretty straight body, not bad for a 43 year old car!
Real "Spinners" not some lame faux wire wheel hubcap thingy.

All pics done by me with the trusty phone cam and does get bigger with a click.

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  1. Visited friends on N. Beachwood Drive (Hollywood hills) and went up to the local coffee shop for lunch…saw a classic Tbird (61-63? I’m not sure of the year, I just remember my sister used to have a red one…)…with a for sale sign on the window parked on the street between the market and the cafe. There was another classic car, also with the for sale sign on it, across the road. Beautiful day, nice lunch, and I think about “I have to let frazgo know what I saw today! Sorry, I only have a regular phone, so no images, but it looks like they’re putting the cars out on the weekend…no doubt people who work in the entertainment industry who have been laid off and can’t afford the car toys. The Tbird was an off white or light cream…I think the other one was light colored also…sorry, my friend was talking to me so I didn’t pay full attention to the car. (I know, shame on me…)

  2. No shame on you. Its hard to get all the details on a classic as you go driving by let alone grabbing a pic.

    These old beasts still in use is really unique to LA. Our climate is so dry that with exception of immediately on coast we don’t have a rust problem. We don’t have the sub-zero stuff either to wreak havoc on the mechanicals and suddenly its not uncommon to find cars 30-40-50 years old still in use. Not as some show car or trailer queen, but in use. Hence the name of the informal series “Found on Road Alive”. I actually started tracking them on flickr before I even started posting them here.

  3. Huge parking tard, too. :) That’s a very expensive ticket, blocking a handicap egress area.
    It seems each of the cars in your series is also an unnoticed-by-frazgo parking tard. :P

  4. benh57…its not a handicap space AND the business owner stashed it there a second so my wife’s car could go into the smog check stall. Really, read the post. Could have been a tard but its just the employees swapping cars around. Really. I mean a Superior Court judge would never park his car in a handicap space now would he!

  5. We had an MGB when I was a kid. At age 5, I thought it was the coolest car in the world, but my dad always said that any time you went for a drive you needed to carry a wrench and a hammer for roadside repairs.

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