Help save the Semi Tropic Spiritualists’ Tract!

This lot would be a steep vacant slope (like near the new HOME Restaurant) if the developer's<br /> plans go through.
This park-like lot would be come a steep vacant slope (like next to the new HOME Restaurant) if the developer's plans go through.

Good friend and great neighbor Diane Edwardson is tireless in her efforts to fight developers who want to bulldoze Silver Lake’s natural beauty in favor of bloated clumps of crap housing.

Four years of fighting the developer of the Semi Tropical Spiritualists’ Tract and we’re headed to an appeal hearing with PLUM at City Council next Tuesday.

The plateau (photo) along with the downslope (to the right in the photo) containing California black walnut woodland within the Semi Tropic Spiritualists’ Tract will be eradicated if a developer’s plan to subdivide and sell a 16-lot subdivision (15 homes and one “open space lot”) gains final approval by the City Council.

The developer led the community to believe we would be gaining the upper plateau as open space, accessible to the public. However, the developer’s grading plan calls for the removal of the entire upper plateau and slope below containing a thriving California black walnut woodland.

If you can, please turn up at the hearing to voice your displeasure:

Tues Feb 3, 2009
City Hall, Room 350

City Council File: CF-09-0082
APCE 2006-8787-ZC
VTT 62900-SL-2A