Eric Garcetti Twitters. Do You Follow?

As we witness the beginning of a new American government that is more connected with its people than ever, and a President who said Yes I Will! keep my Blackberry, it’s interesting to see the connectivity trend on a local level with L.A. politicians.

Eric Garcetti, the Man Who Should be Mayor of Los Angeles, is arguably the best example of this. He’s connected. He wants to communicate with his fellow Angelenos. So, he Twitters. Not like Villaraigosa, who has his staff Twittering to collect Facebook friends. Eric Twitters to tell us WHAT HE’S DOING.

A few tweets from EG:

Yum yum banana pudding from Delilah Bakery. Now what to eat for dinner before heading back to work? about 17 hours ago from web

Voting to abolish city’s bicycle licensing fee. Go free biking! 11:38 AM Jan 27th from TwitterBerry

Calling in graffiti–them taggers sure like rainy weekend days for some reason. 1:24 PM Jan 25th from web

He lets you know that he’s working. Trying to get the little things done that make this a better city for all of us. While at the same time, reminding you that he’s just like us. Because everyone likes pudding.

11 thoughts on “Eric Garcetti Twitters. Do You Follow?”

  1. I like that he’s just…..twittering. It’s not about telling us all his agendas. He’s just narrating.

    Also, is it just me or does he look like Nathan Petrelli in that pic?

  2. How can I remove him from my Facebook “People You May Know”? I don’t live in the city of Los Angeles, so he’s not my local official. I may know him, but I don’t.

  3. Matt, you’d have to take that up with Facebook, but it probably has all to do with the fact that many of your friends are also FB friends of his… nothing political going on.

    I really see no point in criticizing how or why he uses Twitter – dudes a nerd like many of us here. If you don’t want to follow him on Twitter, then don’t.

    I do wish his and other council districts had their one Twitter feeds. WOuld be a great way for their wired constituents to stay in the loop.

  4. DM – I hope you don’t think I was critcizing E’s use of Twitter. I think it’s awesome.

    That was the whole point of the post. I wish more of L.A.’s officials would reach out to us. Of course, most of them cannot even set the clock on a VCR.

  5. I’ll be honest–I really don’t get the Eric Garcetti love from so many blogs. I mean, his political views aren’t awful, but when it comes to development and billboards, he’s not very good.

    Is it because he blogs and uses social networking tools that makes him seem more likable?

  6. It’s still such a new sensation to actually be impressed by politicians.

    More please!

  7. David M — I know. It was a rhetorical question. You should see the motley crew of “People I May Know” that shows up because of my City of Los Angeles FB friends. J/k!

  8. After living in L.A. all of my life, as of next week I’ll finally have “Los Angeles” in my return address. And it turns out I’ll be in CD13. Guess I better follow Garcetti’s Tweets to find out where the best pudding is in my new ‘hood.

  9. Evan, the love comes largely from Eric’s embracing of blogs and involving himself with online discussions. I disagree with him on plenty of stuff, but respect that he treats his constituency as peers and not as, well, constituents, is a rarity among public figures.

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