Reason #77 why I love LA

My brother Mark lives in St Louis.  He sent me a pic on his cell phone showing his patio with 8 1/2 friggen inches of snow on top of ice.  They expect temps in the low teens tonight.  What do I do?  I snap I pic of my patio thermometer as a response.  LA makes it possible to always one-up somebody who does not live here and feel good about it.

4 thoughts on “Reason #77 why I love LA”

  1. …and yet, in the most dumbass poll known to man, Los Angeles Magazine somehow (well, we know how) lets the people of this fine city vote in Amoeba Records as the Best Thing in LA–over The Weather.

    Yet another reason why we should never rely solely on popular votes

  2. I love winter weather. The weather is nice here in LA, but come on– as a selling point it’s always struck me as a little desperate sounding.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go ride my bike in Griffith Park in shorts and a T-shirt.

  3. Chal, lighten up. Really it was tongue in cheek…77 degrees, 77th reason. Weather is wonderful here but its so f’ing cool which is why we stay.

    Winter, did it. Coldest actual with out wind chill -49, coldest with wind chill -73, sleet, ice, snow gets to be a grind. Don’t get me wrong, I love the first snowfall for about an hour then it starts turning brown and gray and its slop for months on end. Gimme sun. Gimme warmth. Gimme ‘winter” that I can drive up to to look at then come home an hour later and be all warm again.

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