Pardon me, mister, but can you spare a ginormous parking spot?

Got space in your backyard, parking lot, warehouse, or secret underground lair and want to make an easy $50 a month while helping out an awesome cause? The folks with “The 1 Second Film” are calling for you:

$50 Art Bus Needs Parking (Downtown)

Non-profit collaborative art project searching for safe, secure parking for our bio-diesel art bus.
The bus is 32ft long + trailer/caboose is 40ft. We can take the trailer off if your spot does not have room.
We can pay $50 a month, and/or offer film credit and web advertising as part of The 1 Second Film project.

In a nutshell, the 1 Second Film will be 24 frames of footage, followed by an hour of credits listing all of the $1 and up donors alongside a documentary of the making of the film, with all profits going to the Global Fund for Women

From pictures up on their Flickr site, it looks like some taggers found the van at its current parking spot and had their way with it.  which, fortunately, the crew was able to clean off… and will hopefully become of the credit sequence.

For 100 pennies, anyone can become a producer and have their name added to the credits of a film alongside A list talent including Kiefer Sutherland, Christina Ricci, Pierce Brosnan, and Stephen Colbert. Kevin Bacon is also on board, so if you have a buck you could make yourself two degrees from just about every celebrity on the planet.

Got a place to park this thing? Contact the dudes at [email protected].

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