Court tells Lutheran school it’s okay to expel lesbian students

Today’s LA Times reports that the 4th District Court of Appeal, in a unanimous ruling, has granted the right to a Riverside Lutheran high school to expel two 16-year-old female students for having “a bond of intimacy” that was “characteristic of a lesbian relationship.”

The court ruled that the school was not a business and therefore did not have to comply with state anti-discrimination laws that apply to businesses.

The lawyer representing the Lutheran school said the ruling properly defends the school’s right  to “teach Christian values in a Christian setting pursuant to a Christian code of conduct.”

The lawyer for the two girls said he would ask the California State Supreme Court to overturn the ruling.

3 thoughts on “Court tells Lutheran school it’s okay to expel lesbian students”

  1. I have to tell you I understand the reasoning. A church is not a business, its a private club cult with religous overtones. They aren’t a public entity, rather a private one where folks of like mind congregate. The separation of church and state allows that to happen. By now you should know I’m totally on the civil rights side, but when it comes to churches they have been granted immunity from a lot of stuff under the “freedom of religion” part of our constitution. We can’t tell them how to run their religion unless it somehow endangers others, so we just need to roll with it. As long as they don’t knock on my door to convert they don’t bother me.

    I disagree with the expulsion though. There can be close bonds that are totally not sexual. Unless there was some sort of gross pda or lewd behavior there should have been no grounds for the expulsion. We seem to be missing some details. Did you pull the case and see what the courts had to say on the matter?

    What a tangled web we are stuck in.

  2. What about the Jewish students…..or the agnostic or other religion students? Do they have to go with the “christian values” thing? And if they don’t, is it OK to expel them because of their differing religious beliefs? I went to a Catholic high school. I know they’re there somewhere…..

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