Breaking: Uhaul Hauling A**!

A woman in a Uhaul is speeding through LA, now in Malibu on PCH. Most local channels are showing this live. News websites also have live footage. She’s been on the road for over an hour and seems to be singing as well as smoking as she goes.

Check CBS2/KCAL9 for continuing coverage.

News people are referring to her/the vehicle as “the grand theft auto”. I’m just waiting for the Pit Maneuver.

13 thoughts on “Breaking: Uhaul Hauling A**!”

  1. OMG there is a lesbian-themed-second-date-U-Haul joke here somewhere.

    …and now I’m going to excommunicated by own peoples for that one. “Repeating that offensive joke trivializes, dehumanizes, and undermines the legitimate relationship that two women have with one another and woefully overlooks the power of combining their REI collection.” Where’s my closet?

  2. Damn it Jim….The lesbian uhaul joke was sitting on my face and I didnt see it. There goes my Lesbian union card, shit

  3. Let it be said that I have never been so proud to be a Metblogs comment reader & a dyke.

    Thank you all for making me titter at my desk today.

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