Getting Back To Nature In Franklin Canyon Park

With the break from the rain we got this past weekend, it was the perfect time to get back out on the hiking trails. Admittedly, I’ve been going through a lazy spell for too long and haven’t been hitting the dirt as often as I’d like. Hoping to jump start a change, I headed over to Franklin Canyon Park this past Sunday with a group of friends and our dogs. Surprisingly, I only recently discovered the oasis that is nestled between Studio City and Beverly Hills. Since I’ve only been there twice now, and took the same route both times, I have much of the 605 acres to explore.

The abundance and accessibility of nature in Los Angeles is one of my very favorite things about living here. Like so many of L.A.’s outdoor havens, Franklin Canyon Park lets you “get away from it all” without going very far from home. Aside from the occasional helicopter or plane, you really don’t hear other city noises. It’s very green and there is even water, which dates back to the early 1900’s when William Mullholland was bringing water to L.A. Two reservoirs and a duck pond are only a couple of the park’s unique features.

Other park amenities include a nature center, two amphitheaters, an auditorium, and multiple picnic areas. You can hold special events on the grounds, which have been seen in a variety of movies and TV shows. A map and directions can be found here. Free public programs are also offered throughout the year.

Be prepared to encounter not only ducks and various other forms of wildlife, but also children, families, runners, dogs, and cyclists. Watch where you step along the trails as a lot of folks don’t pick up after their pets. It was fine for those in the front of our group to yell back a warning such as “Bike!” or “Runner!”, but the “Poop!” call got old quickly. Come on, people. Bags are provided throughout the park, so no excuses.

Franklin Canyon Park is located at 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California, 90210

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  1. Beware the stop SIGN cameras!

    Probably not legal, but that won’t stop you from getting a ticket.


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