Will Sam Zell be increasing the cost of newspaper home delivery?

Sam Zell appeared at UCLA Anderson School of Business a couple weeks ago. Beforehand, Kevin Roderick noted that the invite boasted of Zell’s real estate and general business ventures, but barely anything about the Tribune, let alone the Los Angeles Times. This may have been to avoid false advertising – a detailed recap of the event by Nirav at Seeking Alpha is lengthy, but elicits only one brief item on the newspaper business:

Zell also spoke about his Tribune purchase. He says the newspaper model is broken. It costs more money to have papers home-delivered but you pay less for that service. He explained he would change that model and that would increase the revenues. Let’s see if that’s true.

Which begs the question for remaining LA Times subscribers… how much more would you be willing to pay to keep home delivery?

3 thoughts on “Will Sam Zell be increasing the cost of newspaper home delivery?”

  1. I’m looking for something more drastic, original, and ridiculous from Zell. The Times — like all newspapers — need to keep up their subscription numbers, which continue to dwindle in spite of efforts to all but give the paper away.

    SO, why not LOWER the price… but allow advertisers to pay for stand-up … pop-up physical advertisements that are dropped and automatically inflated next to the paper.

    Happy Sunday morning… 1/2 off at Seventh Veil before 6 p.m.

    Come to think of it, I might want to look into patenting this while I still can.

  2. i’m there regardless of any cost increase. the only thing that’s prevented my from canceling my subscription is the act of actually picking up the phone and canceling.

  3. Let’s see. The Times keeps cutting back on reporters, and can’t seem to keep an editor and/or publisher for a few months. The paper is getting smaller all the time, the stories shorter. And more and more typos and other errors that would have been caught by the editors they’ve let go keep creeping into the paper.

    And they want us to pay more?

    Why doesn’t Zell just file Chapter 7 and close the damn thing down, rather than killing the paper piece by piece and driving away what readers they have left? At least then, someone who actually gives a damn about this town and its flagship paper could come in and pick up what’s left of the pieces.

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