High Art Dining at a Private Home with Chef David Weidman

For year’s David Weidman’s unmistakable laughter has punctuated every Silver Lake & Echo Park get-together from bar-b-ques to birthday parties, and whether he’s delivering one of his signature cheesecakes with glass candy or brandishing pork chops with a flourish, an invite to one of his dinners is a much-coveted chance to dine chez one of LA’s coolest underground chefs. He’s hosting another one of his special dinners at a private home in early February and there are a few spots left; I thought you guys should probably know about David if you don’t already. Here’s a video of him creating a few lavish dinners.
For this dinner Feb. 7, the menu will include stuffed mushrooms and crab cakes; wild green salad with poached pears and candied pecans; macaroni with goat cheese, caramelized garlic, crushed almonds and a Cabernet reduction; salmon with Thai basil; and a tarte tartin with vanilla ice cream and coffee. And OMG it’s only $25 per person! Perfect for an early Valentine’s Day treat, and as someone who’s both enjoyed a Ghetto Gourmet party as well as worked one, I can tell you David’s evenings are absolutely on par with those. Wanna rsvp? Send me an email at lucindamichele (at) metblogs (daht) com and I’ll hook you up.

4 thoughts on “High Art Dining at a Private Home with Chef David Weidman”

  1. Man,I need to ditch some kids that looks awesome. Ghetto Gourmet has been high on my list but kid stuff interferes with that. That weekend is tourneys in Lynnwood. Bummer

  2. Just so everyone knows, Chef David isn’t affiliated with Ghetto Gourmet (unless he’s cooked for them in the past & I just didn’t know about it, which is possible); this event on the 7th is his deal, not a Ghetto Gourmet thing. But it’s similar in that it’s arty & kinda boho, lets you mix with other folks you never would have met otherwise, and serves up restaurant-quality food in a private home.

  3. Dave has been spoiling The BBQ scene for years. Every week a different treat. My favorite, is his flourless chocolate cake. The thing that is so cool about Dave, is that doesn’t do it for the money, he does it for the love. The love of cooking, love of learning about great and exotic foods and then sharing with others.

    I can’t dwell, it makes me too hungry.

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