Classic Eats #2: Downtown Delights Did Not Disappoint!

Classic Eats Evening #2 was a rip-roaring success! We had about 18 people for most of the evening, some who had been to Union Station many times, some who had never been. Philippe’s was also a hit, plenty of room, lots of yummy food and a star sighting to boot! Thanks to all who came and for the Union Station factoids.

Save the date: Saturday February 28 is Classic Eats #3. We’ll have a poll out soon.

Cross the tracks to see more photos of the gang and find out who the celebrity sighting was…


If you have not had a chance to visit Union Station, I highly recommend it. It is easily combined with a trip to Olvera Street and Chinatown (with Philippe’s along the way). 

70 Years Young

Union Station is not just a classic LA building, but an actual historic cultural monument:


We ooh’d and aah’d at the actual spot where the “Harvey House” used to be wishing we could be in there. 

As the sun got low, we gathered at the Traxx Bar, our lovely crowd growing to a sizable bunch. People watching was great in the station itself, a friend of one of the Classic Eats guests happened by, she was dropping her mom off at the train back to Albuquerque. There was a small Amish family nearby and the inevitable “Witness” jokes started flying. “They’re making a sequel?” “Is Harrison Ford here?” “No one go to the bathroom!” etc. (Yes, we are hysterical.)

Then it was time to head the 2 blocks up Alameda to Philippe’s and so we took a group photo before departure:

Classic Eats #2!
Classic Eats #2!

Philippe’s called and we answered:

Double Or Single Dip?
Double Or Single Dip?



While finishing our awesome food, we saw Adam Arkin. Alas, we didn’t get a photo or find out if he is a single or double dipper.  

Thanks to all who came by! Authors LucindaMichele, David Markland, Matt Mason, Burns! and I were there from Metblogs. MrHooks and Shana (returnees from Classic Eats #1), Maggie, Jacquie, Jeff and Donna, Brian and Barbara, Jenny and Brian who brought son Ben and friend Cindy along and then the other Jeff and I looked at each other funny for a minute before realizing that we had walked Western together last fall! (We both clean up so nice.)

Check out MrHooks photostream from the evening here.

We are all looking forward to Classic Eats #3 — Again save the date for February 28 and look for the polls to open in a few weeks. I feel the pressure will be high for Taix and Tiki Ti….

Thanks again all!

(All these photos by moi.)

9 thoughts on “Classic Eats #2: Downtown Delights Did Not Disappoint!”

  1. Man, I am so bummed I missed it. Had to unexpectedly get back to work right after the Equality Summit, so I sadly, sadly missed out my Philippe’s fix. February 28th fer sho.

  2. Although I had to cut out early, I was glad to be able to join everyone for a drink at Traxx. My calendar is marked for Classic Eats #3. I’m leaning toward voting for Taix and Tiki Ti, but the Hot Dog Death March holds a certain fascination, too. Dammit! Too many good choices. Of course, there’s always Classic Eats #4, #5, #6…

  3. Donna and I loved it! What a great time. And I am shocked and pleased to say: that’s MY yummy dinner in the photo above.
    (No, I didn’t eat it all)

  4. I wish I could have joined you guys and hope to in February. I love Philippe’s, but have to admit that I’m one of the dorks who orders my sandwich NO DIP. I have a strong aversion to any sort of liquid on my bread. And no matter how quickly I scarf it down, some part of it is soggy. Blech. Sounds like a blast though and fun photos!

  5. Oh Matt, I have big BIG ideas for Classic Eats! Mwuahahaha! (that’s an evil, maniacal laugh, BTW).

    It was so much fun and I have to say that “Hot Dog Death March” is such a better name than “Dog Day Afternoon”. Though the results may be the same. (Hmmm, insert wiener joke here? or not? Nevermind.)

    Thanks for everyone who came along!

  6. I usually spell it Bwahahahaha!

    We may need some of that Bromo Seltzer that LucindaMichele unearthed under Union Station. Expiration date January 1929.

  7. Gads that looked like a lot of fun. One of these days kids stuff will clear out so I can go. I think the next one unfortunately has us in Ventura for tournaments on the weekend.

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