Would you buy a $7 million Hollywood Hills home over the internet?

I think Slash did. And if he did, like many people who buy stuff over the internet, he claims he didn’t get what he paid for.

In the case, Slash claims that what he was told he’d be getting was a 7800 sq. foot party home on a private drive, with plenty of street parking for guests. Instead, the home was much smaller than advertised, and is on Wattles Drive, a public street with limited parking including being a Red Flag parking zone.

I can only imagine there is more to the story, because who would drop $7 million on a home without checking these things out? In online reports depicting the purchase, square footage is listed at 5,539 square feet… meaning a blogger was able to find a different number. And wouldn’t a visit or two discover that the road is accessible by anyone?

Apparently, all of the above problems were discovered soon enough, as Slash and wife never actually moved in. And, apparently, they have grounds to sue, as a judge ruled today they can move forward on a suit against the real estate agents who sold them the goods.

Note to Slash: It ain’t about square footage or parking… home is always where you hang your tophat.

More at NBC LA.

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