Can’t Believe I Didn’t Feel that Earthquake Next Door

BREAKING: According to the U.S. Geological Survey, an earthquake measuring 3.4 on the good old Richter scale struck Venice about an hour ago.  That’s weird.  It was a mile away from me, and I didn’t feel a thing.  However, two friends on the other side of the earthquake in Santa Monica told me that they felt it, short and sharp, and that the dogs were spooked for ten minutes.  Can earthquakes just point North?

13 thoughts on “Can’t Believe I Didn’t Feel that Earthquake Next Door”

  1. We got a pretty good shaking here, just off Santa Monica and Beverly Glen Blvds — roughly seven miles from the epicenter, but it felt like it was right under us. Strong enough that all our neighbors were out in the hall, saying “Did you feel that?”

  2. Third earthquake in a row that I haven’t felt. I’m okay with that though. I really don’t mind not having one that I do feel.

  3. Missed it entirely. Just a good reminder that the next jiggle may be bigger – check your EQ kits and make sure everything is fresh current and ready to grab if needed.

  4. It probably had something to do with the soil structure under your place – I was in the Marina as well, and it felt like the whole house got kicked. But if your place sits over more stable soil (most of the Marina being built on alluvial deposits from Ballona Creek and the LA River whenever it decided to run west instead of south), you might not have felt the quake nearly as strongly. That would also explain why certain sections of LA felt the quake more strongly: Anything built on an old creek-bed would probably feel things more strongly than something on bedrock.

  5. I missed that one but I felt the one in the Valley the day before.
    You really have to be sitting quietly to fell the little ones near you.

    I take these as little hints to check my earthquake kit and add one extra thing; this week I got an extra bottle of bleach.

  6. Great info, teems, thanks!

    @David: it seems to me there have been a lot of earthquakes during the past year or so, not just in CA but around the Pac Rim. Perhaps the USGS website or another source indicates whether the number is normal or high.

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