Win tix to Metronomy with The Mae Shi 1/21 at the El Rey

We’ve got tix to see Brit indie darlings Metronomy play with local indie darlings The Mae Shi tomorrow night at the El Rey. Wanna go? I don’t have a whole lot of time to compose some fantastic contest today because they’re firing 9% (to be exact) of the people who work at my office today and we’re all ducking & covering. So howabout you just leave a comment telling me how much you deserve to win, and when I get a moment to check my non-work email, I’ll hit a couple winners back.

Here’s the show info, kiddies.

2 thoughts on “Win tix to Metronomy with The Mae Shi 1/21 at the El Rey”

  1. Assuming you’re still employed by the time you read this, I absolutely must have a pair of tix. it’s going to be several buses and the underground for me to actually make it to this show from where i live so i figured some gratis entry to the show would alleviate the financial burden of dealing with overpriced and mis-managed La public transportation. Maybe after seeing this show I’ll grow up big and strong to become the cities transportation advisor and fix it so all the other little boys and girls can get to their shows in peace.

    obligatory grovelling, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

  2. if you’ve still got tickets i’d loooove them too! I rule mostly (is that a good reason?).

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