found on road alive: 1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II

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Picture it.  An economy tanking, unemployment rising and inflation setting in.  Luxury makes were no longer immune to the economic woes of the time.  Big names like Kaiser and Packard shuttered their doors along side the more mainstream lines like Chrysler corps’s DeSoto.  (Boy doesn’t that sound familiar 60 years later).

Ford in its infinite wisdom launched a new car for their line, one step above the Lincoln division.  The “Continental Mark II“.  An entirely made by hand, coach built extravaganza.  Compared to other cars of that era it differed in many ways, classic sub-dued lines and proportions, less chrome, less cliche’…you get the picture.  Different.   Priced at $10,000 it was among the most expensive cars of the day.  At $10K it rivaled the Rolls Royce in terms of affordability.

The “Conny” became the car of Hollywood’s elite and royalty.  Production was limited to 3,000 units during its 2 year model run.  Dealers pre-screened potential buyers (as if the price alone didn’t do that).

Ford lost money on each car they sold.  What Ford did is set itself apart from the rest of manufacturers.  It showcased the lastest in Ford technology and served to preview the future of the Ford line up.   At the end of its run the Continental division dissolved into the Lincoln brand and began life anew in various trims as a “Mark Series” or “Continental” with the last model carrying that name being killed off in 2002.

I spotted this gem in front of RM Auctions here in Monrovia this morning.  All pics by me done with the trusty cell phone cam and will get bigger with a click.  The nifty logo is by the incredibly talented Seth Dowling whose antics you can follow HERE  or drop him a note at Seth (at)unventure (dot) com.

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