Bleed red for the men in blue… and the men in black too!

The 3rd annual Battle of the Badges kicked off today, pitting Los Angeles area law enforcement agencies against one another to see who can recruit the most blood donors. Competing agencies include the LAPD, Los Angeles Fire, LA County Sheriff, Probation officers, and even the FBI. While Metblogs doesn’t endorse one agency over another (LAFD rocks!), we do encourage our readers to participate in the name of community.

To represent, check out this list of participating blood drives at your agency office of choice (click submit on the page, or enter the code BADGE).

As for incentive: 2 tickets to a Clippers game, a Battle of the Badges t-shirt, and a coupon for a free appetizer from Mimi’s Cafe.

More info about the competition here, including this useful tidbit:

If you are not available to donate during your agency’s blood drive, or if your agency is not hosting a blood drive, you can still participate. Present to give blood at an American Red Cross donor center in Southern California between January 20 & February 2 and complete a Battle of the Badges Agency Ballot Card. Your donation will count toward the campaign and your participant gifts will be mailed to you within a few weeks.

The competition runs through February 2nd. For a running score card of how the assorted offices are doing, click here.

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