Where will you be celebrating the Inauguration, Los Angeles?

Harpers Weekly rendering of Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration.
Harpers Weekly rendering of Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration.

Dozens of events celebrating the Inauguration of President Barack Obama are taking place in the Los Angeles area alone, some beginning in time to watch the swearing in ceremony at 9am, PST, and leading into into the late hours with post Inaugural Ball bashes.

Following is a sampling of local events – a more complete list for your area can be found by entering your zipcode at the Presidential Inauguration Committee website and MoveOn.org.  

Please let us know at the comments how and where you’ll be celebrating (or not celebrating) Inauguration Day!

Inauguration Viewings:

Additional events during the day:



If you know of any other events worth highlighting here on LA Metblogs leave it in the comments, or email me (at markland at gmail dot com).

8 thoughts on “Where will you be celebrating the Inauguration, Los Angeles?”

  1. Even though I think I’ll be keeping it low key, at home in my pjs, it’s great to see that so much is going on in L.A. to celebrate this historic event!

  2. I think I’m going to bike over to the Pantry for breakfast at 6 a.m. and then go hang at L.A. Jive until 9 a.m. or so. Then I’ll go to work, listening on an old-school transistor radio on the way in.

    PSssst. It’s “Barnsdall.”

  3. I’ll be at the Art of Change ball…looking forward to getting sappy & sobby with a giant crowd of crazy people. :)

  4. Not listed even on the links is “Sierra Cup” here in Monrovia. They will have all the TV’s inside and the big screen on the patio tuned to the event. Great coffee, breakfast sandwiches etc. They will replay the it all again at 5:30PM for those that miss the morning event.
    409 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia CA 91016 626-301-4214.

    It may be a bit more subdued than some of the bigger parties.

    I’ve got morning appts so I’ll be missing it.

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