Explosion/gunfire in Westlake?

I live on Wilshire, just a block west of MacArthur Park and I’ll be damned if I didn’t just hear a massive explosion or a long string of intense gunfire.

I can count 8 firetrucks and 4 LAPD cars over on Coronado and Wilshire. There are more coming.

Anyone else in the area hear it? Know what it was?

5 thoughts on “Explosion/gunfire in Westlake?”

  1. Yes – multiple reports on Twitter, all seem to indicate these LAFD reports:

    2 hours ago: *COLLAPSED STRUCTURE* 1625 S. Westmoreland Av.; MAP 634-A5; FS 13; Reported structure collapse. Units on scene assessing damage & possible injuries. No add’l info @ this time.; Ch:7,12 @ -d’Lisa Davies###

    50 minutes ago: *UPDATE: 1625 S. Westmoreland Av.* 3 occupants extricated from rubble. 1 female, 36, tsp’d to area hosp w/ minor inj’s. Bldg condemned by Bldg & Safety Insp. Red Cross to assist. – d’Lisa Davies###

  2. Love him or hate him, Mike Davis (in “The Ecology of Fear,” I think) writes pretty directly about the ridiculous level of code-violating slumlord-owned deathtrap apartment buildings that make up a good part of the housing across that section — one of the most densely populated — of the city.

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