Eric Kroll is having a yard sale

Legendary fetish photographer Eric Kroll is moving out of LA, and is lightening his load before he goes.

from his email to me:

when Man Ray left LA after 10 years he had a yard sale of paintings and other pieces he had made. I am doing the same to raise much needed cash. there are prints by me and by others including Bill Ward and John Willie. I live in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles east of Sunset Junction off Sunset off Micheltornea. These items will be sold at recession prices. It goes on through the 20th of January but the best selection is NOW.


Email me kroll [at] well [dot] com for info if you’re interested.

I’ve seen his stuff and it’s pretty mindblowing. Not just fetish stuff, not just his own photos.

Oh and do I need to say it? NO KIDS!

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