Your Tax Refund Has Been Delayed

California announced today that there will be a 30-day delay on tax refunds because the state is broke.

From the AP:

Controller John Chiang said Friday he must delay $3.7 billion in payments next month because lawmakers have failed to address California’s growing deficit.

Let me get this straight…

  1. A tax refund is money that you owe us because we overpaid you on taxes.
  2. You failed to do the job that we, the taxpayers, elected you to do.
  3. You now want to keep our money a little longer.

Anyone else find this outrageous? Anyone else find this to be a complete failure? Anyone else ready to march from Los Angeles to Sacramento and fire everyone?

14 thoughts on “Your Tax Refund Has Been Delayed”

  1. I’d heard this was a possibility and it is maddening. Luckily, I did my taxes so late last year, I still have some of that refund to dip into. It won’t last long though. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. What really irks me is that when it’s the other way around – the taxpayer owning the state money – they want it yesterday. Way to go, California.

    I usually file right away, but this year? Maybe not.

  3. That is such bullshit. Unfortunately, this gives me another reason to not be bummed that we moved to Florida.

  4. This is what happens when you have a bunch of buffons running the state.
    I’m just glad they’re not running the country, we’d really be in trouble.
    I just hope we get our Fed Tax refunds.

  5. Holy crap! I don’t know who the hell the think they are when they do something like this. So we’re going to have to wait 30 days for IOU’s?

  6. oh i forgot, they are figuring everyone that owes money waits till the last minute so when those payments are made to the state monies will be available.

  7. Can we charge then interest and a late penalty? Seems only fair since “we the people” can’t be late paying our taxes.

    Just a note. No one I voted for is in office so I’m not responsible for this mess. LIBERTARIANS FTW!!!!!!

  8. It just pisses me off to no end.
    My solution is tell the legislators. No budget on due date you don’t get paid any more. Period. The whole lot needs to see what it is like to worry about being paid or even given a refund as is the case here. Maybe, just maybe if its their money at stake instead of ours they may act differently.

    Final note…I want interest paid on that IOU. REAL freaking interest as that is an unsecured debt. Prevailing rate like a master card, visa or a loan shark pay. Seriously…

  9. This is absolutley patheic, I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve
    never heard of a state running out of money.

  10. Wasn’t Governor Gray Davis recalled in 2007 because of an alleged “lack of leadership” during the state’s “budget crisis”? Hmm, how’s that working for ya? By that standard, I guess it’s long past time to recall Schwarzenegger.

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