Archiving Angeles (AA): KFI Radio

KFI was one of the first high powered clear channel stations in the nation. The “FI” part of the call sign stood for Farmer’s Information. Every Winter’s night at 8pm, they broadcast the frost report from 141 North Vermont in Los Angeles.

The year was 1940.

Photo from the USC Digital Archive

4 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): KFI Radio”

  1. That is totally cool — great photo! Brought back memories of listening to Chicago’s WLS in the middle of the night driving from Texas to North Dakota. Could hear it all the way at night. KFI was the same way in the West.

    I’ve forgotten who Earle Anthony was. Anyone? Anyone?

  2. I love the empty red line tracks in the photo.

    Laexpat…I remember driving back and forth between LV and IL where I went to school. I’d drive at night as my car didn’t have A/C. It was WLS until the Texas panhandle at which point one could grap the WLS signal. What AM lacked in quality it made up for in distance.

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