Sign of the Times: MPTF Hospital & Convalescent Home Closing

The Motion Picture and Television Fund’s hospital and nursing home in Woodland Hills will be closing by the end of this year. The statement issued on the fund’s website credits “declining demand and challenging economic outlook,” as well as their yearly $10 million budget deficit, as the impetus for this and other changes facing their delivery of health care services. They estimate that 290 jobs will be eliminated.

The non-profit Motion Picture & Television Fund was created by such industry luminaries as Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith in 1921 as a charitable resource for economically challenged industry professionals. Years later, it became a benefit for those working in film or television production based on years of service. The MPTF will continue to provide community-based care and current residents of the Woodland Hills facility will be relocated.

Very sad news for the residents, patients, and employees.

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  1. Definitely a sign of the times. We do quite a bit of health care law at my firm, and we have been getting slammed with calls from providers who are this close: [ ] to shutting down, due to a tragic conflation of: 1) inability to collect from patients, many who are now uninsured as result of losing their jobs; 2) inability to collect full and contracted amounts of reimbursement from insurance companies, who do every damn bullshit thing to get out of paying their contracted rates; and 3) inability to litigate to get their proper rates of reimbursement because they are stretched thin as it is.

    Number 3 is a little surprising to me, because providers seem to be reluctant to go to court even where they have won on the same issue in the past, and have a very high likelihood of winning it now.

    So sad.

  2. That’s terrible. Not only does it do a great service, but a large number of locals are employed there. Very sad news.

  3. To be clear, the whole thing isn’t being wiped out:

    “The phase-out of the hospital and LTC unit will not affect the approximately 185 residents of MPTF’s independent- and assisted-living facilities (including the Country House, the Fran & Ray Stark Villas, and the Frances Goldwyn Lodge). MPTF’s six area health centers, which serve some 60,000 industry workers and their families, will be similarly unaffected. The Fund also intends to continue operating its Harry’s Haven memory care facility.”

  4. Dear David and Others,

    To be clear, the long term care unit will be wiped out within the next 60 days or so. We are not really certain since no one can get a straight answer out of the “Head Honcho.” They will not permit a rep from the Families to attend a board meeting to present our case. From the very beginning this whole thing has been [email protected]!

    You are right it will not affect the 185 residents of the cottages, Villa, lodges etc. UNTIL something happens to them and they require long term care and then they will be unceremoniously EVICTED.

    It will not at present affect those 185 people you mentioned, instead it will affect the 138… oops! sorry make that 131 residents in the LTC unit. ( since they got their eviction notices, 7 elderly people in the LTR have DIED since last Thursdsy morning) many of the residents have stopped eating they would rather die than be evicted. Some casn’t or won’t sleep becasue they are afraid they will be moved during the night while they are asleep. This eviction will only at present affect the most vulnerable and most in need of the services they were promised when they turned over their assets to the MPTF when they were admitted. It will also affect their families, and 380 dedicated nurses and aides and staff who have kept these people alive and comfortable in the last years of their lives. It will affect the stores and restaurants in your community.

    We were told EVEN if we were able to raise the money it costs to run the LTC unit, each year, they will still EVICT the residents and shut it down.

    You should see the salaries the people who run the hospital are taking home! It is no wonder they can’t afford to keep it open, yet they will still have jobs after they throw these elders out and fire 380 employees… many of whom will lose their homes and have to bring their children home from colleges they will no longer be able to afford.

    I have been to three meetings and the rally… Please support our point of view. This LTC unit can not close!

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