LAPD Admits fingerprint errors in almost 1,000 cases

Last summer there were a few cases where innocent people were convicted because of faulty fingerprinting analysis at the LAPD. Those were caught and the people were released and all was right with the world. Except maybe not. Turns out this might be more than 1 or 2 errors, and in fact up to 1,000 cases need to be looked into as they could possibly have had bad evidence based on bad fingerprint analysis – which means it’s possible that people who didn’t have anything to do with a crime were convicted of it and have been sitting in jail for it. The good news is that this is coming out and will be corrected, the bad news is that it happened in the first place.

3 thoughts on “LAPD Admits fingerprint errors in almost 1,000 cases”

  1. No shit. 1000. Sounds like gross negligence to me. Imagine the awards for those convictions based on a bad reading. Too bad for the LA tax payers that is their tax dollars being diverted to restitution, or worse settlements for the error.

    And where might I ask is Mayor V these days?

  2. the mayor is busy planting trees mind you.

    yeah i guess its good news but it would have been better if it was only 200 errors.this is on top the many unprocessed rape kits.This is *UCKED UP!! what the hell are they doing all day other than harassing people crossing the streets( and waving at me while i am crossing the street as they drive in front of me.

  3. “Convicts all say that they are innocent.” I have heard this many times and in my experience is not true. Once in prison there is little reason for most convicts to continue lying. What’re you trying to do, affect how some other convicted piece of crap thinks of you? Of course not. That there is such a high number of people in prison who claim to be innocent should be a wake up call, not automatically dismissed. How many of these cases were death penalty cases? The fact is until it happens to you or someone you love, you won’t do anything.

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