Doo Dah Parade weekend: Pre-parade warm up activities.

Sunday 1/18 may be the day of the Parade but Pasadena and the local bloggers and media are amped and starting the celebrations early.  

Sunday Parade Day details.  1/18/09, 8:30am set ups,  11:30(ish)AM start.  Pasadena Cal.  The Parade starts at Raymond/Holly south to Colorado then turns west to Colorado/Pasadena Avenue.

Queen Skittles blog is full of information.  She and the Grand Marshall, Charles Phoenix (my favorite Mid-century Americana pop culture archivist) kick of the activities tomorrow morning on KTLA’s morning show. She’s arriving at 5:30 in the freaking am Friday at the studios and will be on anytime between then and 9AM.  Queen Skittles advises that among the activities will be disco dancing with the choreography by the woman who came up with the YMCA dance routine.  Tivo this one if you can’t sit in front of the tube waiting for it to happen.

Mademoiselle Gramophone broke the news on her blog regarding one of the entries in the parade in her post “Thorny Rose“.  Ann Lau, human rights activist and winner of the “Thorny Rose” award will be in the thick of it.  She won the award for her pressure on the Pasadena City Council and the Rose Parade last year to not allow the Chinese a float in the parade.  She will be riding her own float of sorts led by the “Great Firewall of China Marching Brigade”.

The official Doo Dah Parade site can’t be skipped.  The page to bookmark and keep for reference is the Parade Route and Directions as it gives you driving directions and Metro station info for those of you who are rail enabled. 

The invite card provided by Queen Skittles.  It does get bigger with a click.  She asked that all the local talent that helped her with the shoot, costuming etc., be given some recognition.  Here it is: Photo Assistant: Alex Fallas, Blue dress: Aaardvark’s of Pasadena, who is the official clothing sponsor; modified with fabric and rhinestones by Kristina King, Crown: Cassie Marquez, Hairstylist: Reyna Rodriguez Soto, Makeup: Airica Hartsfield.

One final note, zomg…it looks like we are home this weekend as all the kid sports are “bye”.  A first in many years and I get to go this year!

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  1. According to the Doo Dah site the actual parade starts rolling at 11:30″ish”. Made it clearer in the details, thanks for the catch.

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