Martha Cooper at Subliminal Projects

A Street Shot

New York-based photographer Martha Cooper is probably most famous for picking up on the collision of hip hop and graffiti back before it was fashionable for white dudes to “make a statement” by going around the world to tag up other city’s walls (see Banksy).   From this Friday, January 16 to February 13, Echo Park’s Subliminal Projects – home of Shepard Fairey and the insanity that are his “limited edition” Obama posters that cause hipsters and EBayers to line up for hours and hours, Star Wars-Episode IV-on digital projection-on-opening-weekend-style, in the hopes of scoring a $50 print – will house a new Cooper exhibit.  Entitled “Street Shots,” Cooper looks inside this graffiti meme to document inner city kids turning trash into toys and exercising a type of creativity that only poverty can engender.   For those looking for the intersection of scarcity, children, and ingenuity, this exhibit is a match made in heaven.

Subliminal Projects is located at the base of the hill before you get to Dodger Stadium – i.e., 1331 W Sunset Blvd.  There is an opening reception Friday night, from 8pm to 11pm, which I’m hoping will translate into free food and booze.

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  1. I love that they took that building over. I think it used to be a hub or station for the now-vanished streetcars in the area…

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