L.A.’s Largest Inaugural Viewing

L.A. Live has announced that it will host the largest public viewing of the Inaugural events in Los Angeles on the morning of January 20th.  Taking place in Nokia Plaza, Councilwoman Jan Perry will host the live feed from Washington, DC beginning at 7 am with the pre-ceremony events.

As a side note, they are encouraging people to take public transportation.  It sounds like a smart idea, particularly if you can catch the Red Line at any point.

For more information or to get further details visit L.A. Live’s site here.

2 thoughts on “L.A.’s Largest Inaugural Viewing”

  1. That’s cool! I happen to have the day off, so get to watch it in my pjs. I’m happy that my employer is arranging to broadcast it in an auditorium and one other location for those who do have to work.

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