KCET soliciting media on your commute methods

Found this over at the wonderful LA.Streetsblog and felt that it’s a fascinating chance for those of us who commute to work by alternative means to have our methods given some attention.

(Note: I am not a douchey “I HATE ALL CARS” commuter and I also don’t think this project should exclude those who drive to work. By all means, everyone should participate!)

KCET’s “SoCal Connected” division is doing a piece on commuting in the large and lovely city of Los Angeles. They’re asking people to either submit photos or a video of your commute method, the distance, and the length of time it takes for you to get there.

There’s a great example of the kind of video they’re looking for on the Streetsblog article and on KCET’s SoCalConnected Page. The SoCal Connected team had given 5 cameras to five different commuters in LA for them to document their journey both to and from their place of work. They’re asking for the same type of content from citizens:

We’d like to add your photos and video of your commutes to our map next week. Here are two ways to contribute:

Shoot and upload a video to YouTube. Once your video is up, tag it with “KCETCOMMUTE” and send us a message at our Youtube account KCETOnline.

Shoot and upload a photograph to the SoCal Connected Flickr Group. No need for special tagging or messaging, just join our group and it to the pool!

Make sure your videos and photos clearly indicate where they where taken – intersection is great, but full street address is better – so that we know where to put it on the map!

I think I’ll make a video tonight! I commute a little over 6 miles in each direction by the power of my trusty bicycle. How do you commute in LA? Ever made any significant changes to your method of transportation?

5 thoughts on “KCET soliciting media on your commute methods”

  1. Hey, thanks for the pick-up!

    Please do send in videos and pictures everyone. They will be added to a google map on KCET.org.



  2. I have the dream commute. Most of the days start without even slippers on. Its exactly 20 feet and 3 stair steps from my back door to my studio.

  3. Thanx Burns! My thoughts exactly (although I’m wondering how does one “indicate where they where taken – intersection is great, but full street address is better” when dealing with a timelapse of a 15-mile commute.

  4. Hey all,

    The first iteration of our map is up here, with some of Will’s time lapses.

    The item on our site is here.

    We’d love to get more submissions. To Will’s question about how to indicate location on a timelapse. We’ll take a google map route, too. Here is one we got and added to the map.

    Thanks for the video’s Will!

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