Taggers Give Up Marley & Me’s Tearjerker Ending

Though it happened nearly a month ago, /film’s report about vandals defacing Los Angeles advertisements for the Aniston/Wilson embarrassment Marley & Me with tags that reveal the painfully obvious climax of the movie is totally cracking me up. Then again, as /film points out, I probably wouldn’t find it as funny if it were a film I cared about. If you really don’t want to know, haven’t managed to see it in the three weeks that it’s been open and can’t figure it out on your own, then I suggest you not click through.

4 thoughts on “Taggers Give Up Marley & Me’s Tearjerker Ending”

  1. It shouldn’t, but that made me laugh. I have a couple of elderly dogs and am dealing with health issues, so my boss told me, “You can NOT see that movie,” and proceeded to replay the entire ending for me.

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