Another Introduction

Hello!  My name is Victoria Lane.  I am yet another new writer impishly adding my words to the mix.  As seems to be the trend, I am a native Californian.  I grew up behind the Orange Curtain and presently live in the Hollywood area.  I’m a professional creative, working primarily as an actress and a writer.

I am madly in love with Los Angeles and cannot wait to share that passion with all of you while discovering yours in return.  I tend toward the dark corners, glamorous occasions and imagination-driven sandboxes.  Even after so many years there are always new discoveries to be made because of the scale of this place and the simple fact that inspiration never dies.  This town is replete with frequent births and many a phoenix rising from the dirty ashes of a fiery fall.

I am addicted to the world-class people watching that borders on salacious voyeurism.  I adore the wild interactions that come with living in a place where artistry and shooting star dreams converge in a bizarre (and sometimes scandalous) parade of human behavior.  Merely going to a coffee shop or hitting the gym at 2 am can be an escapade worth writing a novel about.

I am thrilled to have been invited to contribute to Metblogs.  I cannot wait to begin a sordid little valentine to the City of Angels.

11 thoughts on “Another Introduction”

  1. OMG Victoria, welcome! I love that you are part of the Metblogs crew! Everyone, watch out; this woman has a ferocious intellect that she unleashes on a number of vital topics. And she’s wears great hats too…

  2. Welcome, Victoria! Along with everyone else, I’m looking forward to what comes next. And the hats.

  3. Thank you everyone and Chal for the very kind words. I’m so glad we’re in the same place again running amok.

  4. Thank you for your time last night Lucinda. You’re just darling and it was a great fun to meet you in person. It was a highlight of an otherwise insane day.

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